Will your Friendships last Forever?

How to tell if someone is your real friend or just acting like one?

A real friend always thinks about the betterment of their friends even when they are angry or had a fight with them.

You probably already know who is your real friend or not but to be sure let's take this small quiz to make it sure.

A good friend is someone who

1. Answers my every call and text.
2. Is always there when I need them.

Your friend really wants to go out but you need to study. How do they take the rejection?

1. They say you suck and it's your loss.
2. They ask if you want to have a study date. You can both go out tomorrow.

You know that your friend's crush isn't interested in them. How do you handle the situation?

1. Say nothing. You don’t want to risk your friend getting mad at you.
2. Be honest with them. They may be upset, but in the end it's better they know.

You borrowed a cool vintage dress from your friend and (oops!) spilled a few drops of spaghetti sauce on it. The day after, you

1. Return it to them and apologize profusely!!
2. Let them know, apologize, and offer to pay for the dry cleaning.

At the mall, the people you're hanging out with start talking trash about your buddy. When they turn to you for input, you

1. Change the subject.
2. Defend your friend.

Your BFF wasn't invited to the biggest party of the year, but you were. You

1. Go anyway.
2. Refuse to go without them.

In your opinion, friendship is about

1. Quantity over quality.
2. Respect.

As you're leaving to meet your bestie for a movie, your crush calls. They want to hang with you at the arcade next door to the movie theater. You

1. Text your friend and ask if they would be chill with you bailing for your crush.
2. Tell your crush you already have plans, but you would love to hang another time.

You and your friend just got in a huge fight. How will you make up?

1. Wait until you both cool down and agree to forget about it.
2. Sit down together and talk about your feelings.

Do you keep any secrets from your friend?

1. Only a few—but you don’t know everything about their life either.
2. No—they’ve earned your complete trust.

You’re hanging with your friend on your couch and the conversation dies down, so you

1. Try and think of something to say so no one gets bored.
2. Enjoy the silence! You’re fine just chilling quietly together.

Your friend is going through a tough time at home. You

1. Send them a text asking how you can help.
2. Go over to their house to drop off their favorite snacks and ask if they want you to stay over.

All 12 questions completed!

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Will your Friendships last Forever?

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