Am I Depressed?

Am I depressed?

Sometimes we ask this question to ourself when feel down and frustrated with our life.

Life sometime can be hard but you need to endure it to  pass that bad patch.

This quiz will help you decide if you are depressed or just having bad time.

Are you suffering from feelings of sadness, hopelessness or emptiness?

1. Never
2. Occasionally
3. Often (once a week or more)
4. Every Day

You are not Alone

Feelings of sadness and hopelessness are key signs of depression and if you aren’t suffering from such feelings, it’s unlikely that you’re depressed.

However, not all depression manifests in the same way.

Do you find it hard to find pleasure in activities you used to enjoy.

1. Yes
2. No
3. Sometimes

Enjoy your Life

A common symptom of depression is feeling that you can’t engage with life or enjoy the activities you used to.

If you’ve given up activities you used to enjoy, this could be a symptom of this condition.

Has your appetite changed?

1. Yes - I don't feel like eating as often or as much as I used to
2. Sometimes
3. No

Eat Healthy

Losing interest in food can be a key sign of depression.

If you find that you are missing meals, or not noticing your usual hunger signs.

Good nutrition is crucial for recovery, so make sure you prepare healthy, nutritious meals with plenty of fruit and vegetables and try to eat regularly.

If you are not depressed, it may be that another medical condition is affecting your appetite.

Several other health conditions, including nerve pain, chronic fatigue syndrome or pregnancy, could result in a loss of appetite.


Are you lacking energy and motivation?

1. Yes
2. Sometimes
3. No

Get Full Rest

Lack of energy and motivation can be signs of depression, particularly if teamed with other symptoms.

However, low energy could also be associated with other medical conditions such as an underactive thyroid, diabetes or sleep apnoea.

Make sure you discuss any sleep problems with your partner or family.

Has your sex drive reduced?

1. Yes
2. Sometimes
3. No

Not always a reason though

Many people with depression report a loss of interest in sex, so if you’re suffering from a lower sex drive alongside other symptoms, this may well be connected with depression.

However, many other factors, including medication, hormonal changes or even relationship problems can affect your sex drive.

Are you having trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep? Or are you finding it hard to get up in the morning?

 Or are you finding it hard to get up in the morning?

1. Always
2. Frequently (2-3 times per week)
3. Sometimes
4. Never

Get full sleep

People who are depressed often find that their sleep patterns change.

Whether it’s early waking or finding it hard to go to sleep in the first place.

However, not every sufferer reports this symptom – some may even find they are sleeping more than usual.


Have you had thoughts about harming yourself or ending your life?

1. Yes
2. Occasionally
3. Never

Live Long

Whilst it’s a good sign if you are not suffering from suicidal thoughts or thoughts of self-harm,

this on its own does not mean you are not suffering from moderate or mild depression.

Do you feel guilty or tearful for no reason?

1. Always
2. Sometimes (weekly or monthly)
3. Never

Sometimes you need to Smile

While we all feel tearful when watching a sad movie or learning of some distressing news;and most of us have experienced feelings of guilt, having such feelings surface for no apparent reason can be very distressing.

These feelings are often reported by those suffering from depression and can be addressed with the right treatment.

Have you recently suffered a traumatic event, such as a bereavement?

1. Yes
2. No

Hard time will pass

If you have suffered a traumatic event, or recent bereavement, it may be that some of the symptoms you are experiencing are a normal reaction to a difficult situation. You may need to seek different or additional help, such as bereavement counselling. Visit your GP to find out the different forms of support available.

Signs of grief are very similar to depression. Bereavement is a painful process, but it’s a normal process - a part of life. But depression isn’t a part of normal life, it’s a problem that needs treatment.


Do you find yourself avoiding friends and family?

1. Yes
2. Someetimes
3. No

Just take the first step

They are your friends and family right?

They won't bite you, you need to see them often.


All 10 questions completed!

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Am I Depressed?

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