10 Emojis You Have Been Using Wrong 😟

Emojies using wrong

In our daily chats on social media and personal chatting apps,

we often use emojis to express our feelings and emotions but do we really know the meaning of Emojis we use.🤔

Every emoji has some meaning attached to it, most of the Emojis have straight forward meanings but some Emojis have deep secret meaning that will shock you.

Some emojis meaning we take it as situations where emoji is used but the real meaning is the real meaning.😉

  • Question of

    Folded Hands Emoji

    Folded Hands Emoji 1
    • Forgiveness
    • High Five
    • Prayer
    • Thank You
  • Question of


    • Fight
    • Unity
    • Showing Respect
  • Question of

    Finger Pointing Down

    hands down
    • Pointing Something Down
    • Feeling Not Good or Down
    • Look Below
  • Question of

    Person with Hands on Head

    person ok gesture
    • Oh Shit
    • Ok
    • Nooo
  • Question of

    Face of Devil?

    Face of Devil? 2
    • Mask
    • Devil
    • Ogre
    • Angry
  • Question of


    • Crying
    • Disappointed
    • Disappointed but relieved
  • Question of

    Fire or Burning something

    name badge
    • Fire
    • Evil character
    • Name Badge
  • Question of

    Is it a Kiss?

    • Kiss
    • Whistle
  • Question of

    Is it Fart?

    dashing away
    • Fart for Sure
    • In a Hurry, Dashing Away
    • Just Air
  • Question of

    V shape Finger

    V shape Finger 3
    • Live long and prosper
    • Swag
    • Bro Code

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