Covid-19 Quiz

This Quiz will test how much you know about Covid-19 also know as coronavirus pandemic.

This is not medical advice if you have any symptoms follow the World Health Organisations guideline.

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    What is COVID-19?

    • Viral Disease
    • Bacterial Disease
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    Which part of the body does COVID 19 primarily attack?

    • Digestive System
    • Respiratory system
    • Brain
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    If you are living in India, and want some fresh air, what do you do?

    • Go out for a casual walk
    • Go for a drive
    • Sit at home in your balcony/open the window because India is in a Lockdown.
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    How to maintain physical fitness during this lockdown?

    • Go out for a jog
    • Go to you local gym
    • Find a small space in your house and do exercises there
    • Don’t exercise for three weeks
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    Your domestic worker has asked you for a months advance because he/ she cannot come to work(due to lockdown) and needs the money to feed his/her family. What do you do?

    • Don’t encourage this, until they work you don’t pay
    • Pay him/her the advance as these are tough times and we must show compassion.
    • Let them ask someone else
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    There is an elderly couple living alone in your society/Apartment complex. They are going out to buy essentials. What do you do?

    • Call the police
    • Politely tell them to stay at home, and offer to get them their essentials and drop it off to them.
    • Do nothing. It’s their choice.
  • Question of

    While going to buy groceries, you must

    • Wear a mask and go wherever you want
    • Maintain distancing between each other and do not overcrowd/ hoard
    • If everyone is crowding, you will too
  • Question of

    Someone has sent you a message on WhatsApp regarding coronavirus and it seems serious. They have asked you to forward it.

    • You forward the message because your friend has forwarded it to you and it sounds real.
    • You verify the information in that message by going online to official sites and only then forward.
    • You believe whatever information is in the message without verifying.


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