Are You A Hero Or Villain?


I bet in childhood you definately played with your friends games where you choose to be a superhero that always beats bad guys to save good guys,
but in real life are you a HERO or Villain?

Lets find out

  • Question of

    A cat is stuck in a tree, what do you do?

    cat stuck on tree
    • Try getting it unstuck
    • Walk away. It’s not your cat
  • Question of

    A building’s on fire! What do you do?

    building on fire
    • Try taking out the fire
    • Call the cops
    • Just walk away
  • Question of

    You see somebody trip & fall what do you do?

    people fall down
    • Help them up
    • Laugh ’cause falling is hilarious
  • Question of

    Some bullies are messing with you, so you…..

    bullying you
    • Beat them all up
    • Seek revenge!
  • Question of

    You order food at a restaurant & they give you the wrong thing, you…..

    restaurants mistake
    • Tell them their mistake
    • Throw it at them and Write bad Reviews
  • Question of

    Your crush publicly humiliates you by turning you down in a harsh way, you….?

    • Humilate them back
    • Spread a rumor about them
    • Just walk away
  • Question of

    Someone hacked your Tiktok account, you…?

    hacked tiktok
    • Find who did it & punish them!
    • Make a new one
  • Question of

    You catch a friend or family member in a lie. How do you react?

    • Forgive Them
    • How Dare They
  • Question of

    Do you believe in revenge?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Would you kill someone to get what you want?

    will you kill
    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    If you saw someone steal another persons wallet what would you do?

    • Catch Them and Return The Wallet
    • Ignore The Whole Situation
    • Shout At Them To Stop
    • Report Them To The Authorities
  • Question of

    Would you frame another person in a robbery if it would prevent you from being caught?

    • Never
    • If I Had No Choice
    • Unless They Were A Friends
  • Question of

    Would you ever kidnap and imprison a person if they were keeping important information from you?

    • Yes
    • No

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