This or That in Every Indians Real Life [Food]

Caution: Do Not Proceed if you can not control your hunger.😀 I am serious.

We always find ourself in a dilemma when we have to choose what to eat,

In India every dish, every street food is so tasty and delicious our heart always want more and more.

Have you ever faced that hesitation when parents said you can only pick one candy from multiple options, you waited for minutes to decide which one to pick?

In this poll lets find out what others can not live without, choose options wisely and share with your friends.

  • Question of

    Red vs Green Chatni?😋

    • Red Sauce 1
      Red Sauce
    • green sauce
      Green Sauce
  • Question of

    Veg Momos vs Paneer Momos?

    • momos
      Veg Momos
    • momos
      Paneer Momos
  • Question of

    Dairy Milk vs KitKat?

    • dairy milk
      Dairy Milk
    • kitkat
  • Question of

    Momos vs Fried Momos?

    • momos
    • fried momos
      Fried Momos
  • Question of

    Rajma vs Chhola?

    • vanilla cake
    • chhola
  • Question of

    Maggi vs Noodles?

    • maggi
    • noodles
  • Question of

    Chai with Pakoda or Samosa?

    • pakodi
      Chai With Pakoda
    • samos 2
      Chai With Samosa
  • Question of

    Chocolate Cake vs Vanilla Cake?

    • chocolate cake
      Chocolate Cake
    • vanilla cake
      Vanilla Cake
  • Question of

    Aaloo Chaat vs Pani Puri?

    • chat tikki
      Aaloo Chaat
    • pani puri
      Pani Puri
  • Question of

    Jalebi vs Imarti?

    • jalebi
    • Imarti 2
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