Does Your Crush Actually Like You?

crush likes you

Crush is someone with whom you can spend your whole day but still feel you didn’t get enough time to spend with her/him.

Even now we have National crush like National Crush of India (2020) is Rashmika Mandanna famous actress in Telugu and Kannada film industry.


Now back to your crush,

Does your crush actually like you? I know you definitely want to know that, don’t you?

This small question answers will give you some hint at what your crush actually thinks about you? or does your crush like you quiz?

  • Question of

    Does your crush even know you exist?

    • Of course, we meet every day!
    • Yeah, we know each other.
    • Yes, but only as a side note.
    • I don’t think so, but I’m not sure.
    • No
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    How does your crush act when you’re around?

    • We hug each other and talk.
    • Kind of nervous.
    • My crush seems to be in a rush and/or doesn’t want to talk.
    • My crush gets a little angry.
    • My crush smiles and looks deep into my eyes.
    • I become the center of attention.
    • My crush doesn’t even notice when I’m around.
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    How does your crush react when you compliment them?

    • My crush blushes.
    • With a thanks.
    • I get a compliment in return.
    • They get mad.
    • I never complimented my crush.
    • With a big smile on their face.
  • Question of

    Does your crush compliment you?

    • Sometimes.
    • Yes, quite often, actually!
    • Never.
    • Yeah, but it’s rather anti-compliments.
  • Question of

    Is your crush single or taken?

    • Single
    • Committed
    • Don’t know
    • Well, It’s Complicated
    • They Recently Brokeup
  • Question of

    Do you hangout a lot together?

    • No, never.
    • Sometimes, but with a group of friends.
    • Sometimes just the two of us.
    • Quite often!
    • Yeah, daily!
  • Question of

    Do you talk a lot with each other?

    • Yeah, but just small talk
    • Every now and then
    • Not really
    • Never
    • Quite often actually!
    • Yes! Really deep and meaningful stuff!
    • My crush talks a lot with me but never seems to listen to what I say
    • Yes! We even flirt and talk a little dirty with each other!
  • Question of

    Is your crush talking a lot about other guys/girls (your competition)?

    • Yeah, sometimes.
    • Nope
    • Always! It’s so annoying!
    • Yeah, but I don’t really mind.
    • Yeah, but obviously to make me jealous. I’m 100 % sure!
  • Question of

    Do you touch each other?

    • No, never
    • Sometimes, but only very casual
    • Yeah, it’s quite normal for us
    • We kissed once
    • We kiss sometimes on cheeks
    • My crush can’t stop touching me, actually.
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    Does your crush laugh at your jokes?

    • No. My crush just smiles
    • No, not at all
    • How could someone not? I’m funny as hell!
    • Yeah, even though I’m absolutely not funny. No one laughs except for my crush.
    • Sometimes
    • We have the same humor, so yes
  • Question of

    Are your interest matches?

    • Not really
    • Yeah, totally! Always have
    • Yeah, my crush starts to dig the same things as I do
    • Yeah, I started to like the same things as my crush to please them
    • Some stuff, I guess
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    How is your crushes body language towards you?

    • My crush crosses their arms when talking to me.
    • They always seem like they want to leave.
    • Very open.
    • My crush appears to get very nervous when I’m around.
    • No change at all
    • My crush starts to shine like the sun when I’m around
    • I have absolutely no idea
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    Does your crush tease you?

    • No, Never
    • A little bit sometimes
    • Always! But I don’t tease back
    • Yeah, we tease each other
    • It’s actually more like fighting than teasing
  • Question of

    Have you ever experienced a romantic situation together?

    • No, never
    • Yes. We had a very deep talk
    • Yes, there was a moment
    • Yes, we both definitely felt a spark.
    • Yes, we even kissed!
    • I don’t remember any
  • Question of

    Do friends of your crush give you some sort of hints?

    • Yes
    • Nope
  • Question of

    How high do you guess are your chances?

    • I’m sure my crush is into me; I’m just double-checking and doing this quiz for fun.
    • I don’t know.
    • My crush definitely doesn’t like me at all
    • I have a strange feeling that my crush likes me too, but I’m not sure.
    • I have no chance at all
    • I’m in the friend zone, I guess
    • We like each other a lot, so I think I have a fair chance

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