What is your body type?

A body type is a classification of an individual's physique based on their bone structure and the amount of fat vs. muscle in the body.

There are three common types: ectomorph, endomorph and mesomorph.

This simple quiz will help get know your body.

Knowing what your body type is can help you choose weight loss strategies that will suit your unique physical makeup best! 

Ectomorphs have long thin limbs, lean muscles and tend to be tall with a high metabolism which helps them lose weight easily but also makes it more difficult for them to gain muscle mass.

Endomorphs typically have shorter arms and legs than they do torso as well as round soft features such as chubby cheeks or large buttocks making it easy for them to gain weight quickly but difficult for them to lose weight without exercise and a healthy diet.

Mesomorphs tend to be average in build and weight and have an easier time than ectomorphs and endomorphs losing and gaining weight at their own respective rates.

Once you know your body type it is easy to find the right strategy for reaching your goals!

Describe your shoulders.

1. Narrow.
2. Broader than my body.
3. As broad as my body.

How easily do you lose weight?

1. I have a hard time losing weight.
2. Averagely.
3. Very easily.

Do you easily gain weight?

1. Averagely.
2. No, I have a hard time gaining weight.
3. Very easily.

How would you describe your body?

1. Soft and round
2. Athletic
3. Delicate

Do you easily gain muscle mass?

1. Very easily.
2. No, I have a hard time gaining muscle mass.
3. Averagely.

Describe your waist.

1. Thinner than my torso.
2. As thin as my torso.
3. Thick.

What is your body shape?

1. Round
2. Rectangular
3. Triangular/Hourglass

Describe your arms and legs.

1. Very long.
2. Short.
3. Proportional to my body.

All 8 questions completed!

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What is your body type?

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