Does he/she loves 💘 you?

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    Does he/she look at you in the eye when you speak?

    look into eyes
    • He/she doesn’t even know I exist
    • Yeah, but he/she does that with every one
    • Yeah, but he/she looks like gonna kill me
    • Yeah, he/she stares into them and blushes like crazy
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    Does he/she let you be seen together in public?

    together in public
    • Yes
    • Sometimes
    • No, not really
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    How many days a week do you see them?

    • Everyday at School/Work
    • Weekends
    • Everyday
    • 5 days a week
    • Once or twice
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    Does he/she touch you regularly?

    • Yes, but only to strangle me
    • Yah! We hug, hold hands, we walk with his/her arm around me
    • Yeah, but only to tap me on the shoulder
    • No, we don’t like each other
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    Do they call you a MILLION times a night, but give you little pet names like “pooky” which only means that they can’t remember your real name?

    • Yes, its annoying!
    • Gee, I never really thought about it
    • No, not really
    • Yes and No. We talk, but we also know when to give each other space
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    How much does he/she compliment you?

    How much does he/she compliment you? 1
    • Only when I ask him/her to
    • Constantly
    • Regularly, or when he/she thinks I’m deserving of a compliment
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    Could you ever imagine a life without this person?

    Could you ever imagine a life without this person? 2
    • Absolutely not!
    • Its possible
    • Actually…yeah
    • Are you kidding me? I wish that I had a life without this person
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    What do you talk about?

    • We talk about best weapons to kill each other
    • We talk about school, life, who we like
    • Our next date, the names of our kids, etc…
    • We don’t know each other
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    How long have you known each other?

    • A long time but just as mates
    • We only just met, we don’t know each other well
    • A couple of month
    • We met recently and got on like a house fire

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