55 Ways to Get Your Crush Interested

Do you have a crush?

You want to talk to them, right?🙂

Well lucky for you, here are 55 ways that will help you get your crush interested in talking with you!

These are great things to bring up when talking about anything from their favourite music genre or TV show.

Ways to get your crush interested in talking with you

Compliment them

Compliment them on something they’re proud of, whether it’s a recent accomplishment or just who they are as a person. This is a great way to let them know you’re paying attention.

Tell them they’re cute

The first thing we all notice on someone else, whether we admit it or not, is their looks. If your crush happens to be attractive and you want to tell him/her this but feel weird about doing so out of the blue: compliment them on something else, like their outfit. Then you can say “wait… but your hair is so cute today” or whatever compliment fits best for the crush in question.

Ask about their day

Today is Monday and therefore most likely they’re not happy because it’s back to school/work again. Tell them that this happens to you too and talk about how you feel. This will make them realize that they’re not the only one with this problem!

Ask what their favorite book is, or if they like to read

Not everyone likes reading but there are a lot of people who do; crush included? Find out what books (and authors!) your crush reads and you’ll have plenty to talk about. Bonus points if you’ve read the same book!

Ask about their favorite music genre

Music is a great way to connect with people, and your crush will love that you’re interested in what they like. If you don’t share any of the same music genres, ask them why they like the type of music they do and what their favorite song is.

Ask about their favorite TV show

TV shows are a great way to start up a conversation with your crush because there’s usually something everyone can talk about. If you’ve seen the same show, talk about your thoughts on it. If not, ask them what they like best about it.

Ask your crush about their hobbies

Hobbies can say a lot about someone, so asking your crush about theirs is a great way to get to know them. If they like to do something you’ve never tried before, ask them more about it and tell them that you’re interested in trying it out sometime!

Talk about the weather

Even though this is boring, it’s a great way to get the conversation started. This also makes for an easy transition into talking about other things like current events or even what you’re looking forward too (ex: I can’t wait for spring break).

Talk about your crush!

This may be tough but if you want to talk about your crush with someone, why not try it out on them? This will give you a chance to see what they think of the crush and if their opinion matches yours.

Talk about anything!

Remember that you don’t have to stick with one topic; there are endless things you can talk about when talking with your crush. If you’re ever stuck, just ask them what they’ve been up to lately.

Ask your crush about their dreams for the future

What are some things that your crush would like to accomplish in life? How do they picture themselves living out the next few years? You can even go as far back as asking them why they chose their current career path. Dreams and aspirations are a great way to get to know someone!

Ask your crush about their family

This is another personal topic but it can be really interesting to learn more about someone’s family. Do they have any siblings? What does their parents do for a living? How close are they with their extended family?

Ask your crush about their first crush

This is a great way to see if they’ve ever been in love before and, if so, how it ended. You could even share your own story of how you fell for your current crush.

Compliment them more!

As we mentioned earlier, compliments are always a good way to break the ice. You’ve probably already complimented your crush on something, but if not then you should! Tell them that they have a great smile or their hair looks really nice today.

Note down what to talk about in advance

If it’s difficult for you to think of topics beforehand, try writing some conversation starters before seeing your crush. This will help take some of the pressure off and you’ll be able to relax and have a conversation more easily.

Talk about your day

This is always a safe topic to talk about because everyone has something interesting that happened during their day. Plus, it gives you both a chance to share what you’re currently doing in your life.

Ask your crush about their passions

What are some things that they’re passionate about? What would you like to learn more about in the future? How do they want to make a difference in life? People can tell if someone isn’t passionate about what they’re saying, so find out how your crush truly feels!

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Introduce them to new people

If you’re at a party or an event with other friends then introduce your crush to them. This is another way for someone to get to know more people while also meeting your crush. Plus, it means that you won’t have to feel awkward while talking with your crush alone.

Talk about their favorite book or movie!

Everyone has something that they love in terms of books and movies so asking someone’s favourites is a great topic to talk about. You can even ask them if there are any other books/movies that they’d recommend to you.

Talk about your daydreams

Do you have any crazy or funny daydreams? Why did this one pop into your head today? You can ask them if they ever daydream and what their dreams are like too!

Ask about their goals for the future

What are some things that your crush would like to accomplish in life? How do they picture themselves living out the next few years? You can even go as far back as asking them why they chose their current career path. Dreams and aspirations are a great way to get to know someone!

Ask about their favourite food!

This is always a fun topic because everyone has a different answer. You can ask them what they like to cook at home too!

Talk about your favourite band or musician!

This is another topic that can lead to a lot of different conversations. You could talk about the music that you grew up listening to and if they like any modern-day bands/musicians.

Ask them what their ideal relationship would be like

What are some things that your crush would like to see in their next relationship? Is there anything that they’re looking for or hoping will change about current relationships?

Be yourself

Be yourself around your crush, they’ll appreciate it more. No one likes a fake person.

Find out what you have in common!

Everyone has something different and unique to offer. Do you share any interests with your crush? Maybe both of you enjoy the same sports team or food. You can even ask them what they like to do in their free time – you might be surprised!

Ask them questions

Asking questions is a great way to get the conversation flowing and show that you’re interested in learning more about them.

The best conversations are ones where both people get to talk about what they want, so ask your crush a lot of questions. Don’t just talk about yourself all the time!

Be a good listener

Listening is key to any conversation, so make sure you’re giving your crush your full attention.

Share common interests

Share common interests and talk about what you like about them. This will help build a connection with your crush.

Tease them a little bit

Teasing them lightly can be a fun way to add some personality to the conversation and get their guard down. Just be careful not to go too far!

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

Nobody’s perfect so don’t worry about making mistakes along the way.

Have fun!

The best conversations are usually the ones that lead to laughter and fun memories together.

This blog post has shown you 55 ways to get your crush interested in talking with you. With this list, there’s no excuse for awkward silences or uncomfortable conversations. Now it’s time to go out into the world and find that perfect person!

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