The 50 Greatest Compliments for Girls

Women are coquettes, so they always love to be complimented. If you need some compliments for girls, this list has them all! The only best compliments for girls in the world!

It’s important to make sure that the girl in front of you knows she’s awesome!

So, if you’re looking for compliments to give your girl then this list is perfect! This list not only has compliments but also some tips on what you can do with your complimenting words!

50+ Great Compliments for Girls

Here are 50 compliments for girls and women that will make her smile.

Keep in mind these compliments you should not be saying randomly to anyone, every line has its buildup, so use depending on moment.

GASP sorry, you just took my breath away

I wish I’d always knows you

It’s such a great attitude- you’re always ready to give things a try!

You always take such good care of yourself/hair/nails/clothes etc.

You inspire me

You know what’s awesome? The top of a blueberry muffin. Also, your face.

You’re so caring and loving!

You make even the most boring things fun/exciting/enjoyable

I would you say you are hot, but I’m Arabic, so you’re the bomb!

You’re the Ben to my Jerry/ the avocado to my toast/ Kim K to my Kanye

I’m so lucky to have you.

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How do you always manage to make me see things in a better way?

You have the most beautiful smile!

I’ve never met anyone who can make me laugh like you do

Everyone that meets you falls in love with you

I can’t/don’t want to imagine my life without you

You have such a beautiful smile

Have you done something new today? Something seems different, and I like it!

You’re the sweetest girl ever!

I bet you sweat glitter

You have the best laugh.

Your personality is amazing!

Spending time with you is more exciting than signs for free food

You’re the llamas pajamas

You are worthy of the last french fry in the bag.

You’re irreplaceable

You’re so intuitive

I really enjoy spending time with you.

I think you’re so talented and smart.

You (can) light up any room

Your hair looks great today!

You’re as wise as an owl

You are one in a melon.

Your smile brightens up my day!

Superwoman hasn’t got anything on you!

I love talking to you about anything and everything!

You make me feel like I can do anything.

You’re a good/kind/sweet person

There’s something special about you

You’re unapologetically yourself

I love that you’re so warm and caring.

Your hair looks great today!

Don’t let anyone bring you down, anything they’d say would be a straight up lie

You’d make a bin bag look couture

I Always Learn So Much From You.

You are so beautiful.

Could you be any cuter?

Could you pass on to your parents that they did an awesome job

I love the way you can laugh at yourself

I’ve never met someone with a heart as big as yours

I could listen to you talk (about this) for hours

You have an amazing presence

I can always count on you for anything.

You are so wonderful.

I’d rather spend time with you than… (eg. go out tonight)

Your laugh is the most amazing sound in the world.

I love talking/spending time with you

I didn’t even realize you wore makeup! I can see it only enhances your natural beauty

You are my best friend.

I can always count on you

I love that perfume, what is it?

I love every single bit of you

You don’t let anything hold you back

The only reason I don’t want to go to Hell is because you’d never end up there

You’d definitely survive the Hunger Games

You are the most caring girl I know.

I love your style and fashion sense!

You look like a model today!

I think you’re so beautiful!

I love that you’re such a hard worker.

Your… is endearing/charming/unique

I love when we talk about our future together. You always make me feel like anything is possible.

I’m always happy when I’m with you.

Your eyes are the most

You teach me something new every day

Your eyes are the most amazing shade of brown.

I feel so comfortable when I’m around you

You’re so beautiful, but getting to know you that’s just a bonus to everything else you have to offer the world

You are so cute, I want to throw a rainbow at you.

That was amazing

I love your smile.

You bring out the best in me

Just thinking about you brings a smile to my face

You can succeed at anything you set your mind to

You dance like nobody’s watching- I wish I could do it so well

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