CA Jokes Every CA Student Can Relate

Every student of CA and Member of ICAI who takes the roller coaster ride of this Chartered Accountancy course must be gone through moments he/she felt funny, these are those moments in form of CA Jokes and fun meme, lines. You can use these jokes to crack on your friends who might be doing CA.


A CA and Two of his articles were going for Bank Audit.
On the way, God appeared and asked what gift you require,
First Article:- I wish to go Singapore with a lot of money. God sent him to Singapore with lots of money,
Second Article:- I wish to go to Switzerland with lots of money. God sent him to Switzerland,
CA turn:- he asked god that ” I want those two Idiots before lunchtime. God fulfilled his Desire
Moral Let your boss speak first

Never in Life Ask For.

  1. A Child’s Percentages
  2. A Woman’s age
  3. A Man’s WAGE And The Most Important Chartered accountant about his attempts in CA.
    Because a CA is a CA no matter what attempt he passes CA Exams.

kab CA banega

People – Tu CA kab banega?

CA Student: kam se kam 30 saal ka toh time de.

A CA student proposed a Girl:
Girl:” I am 1-year elder to you”
Boy: “Dear, it’s just like, I am ur assessment year & you are my previous year” 😉 😀

Article trainee (anxiously) to his CA boss: Sir my chair is creaking and I fear it might break. What to do?
Boss: Well first check if it still shows WDV in the books.
If it does, then there may be a need to create a permanent diminution in respect thereof. See AS 6 and AS 10 compliance.
Alternatively, I think there is need to depreciate it at a higher rate will help tide over the liquidity crisis we’re currently facing. Moreover…
Article (interrupting): Sir I’ll prefer falling down and breaking my bones. Thanks.

Difference between and CA question:- What is in your name? (10 marks)
CA question:- What is in your name? Does it suits your personality?? Analyse critically. (2 marks)

What is 143
MBA student: I love you
Engineering student: I hate you
Bio student: I miss you
CA student: It’s a Scrutiny Assessment Section under Income tax 1961.

ek hi attempt me karna hai

Air Hostess: Sir Aap emergency exit gate pe nhi baith sakte.

CA: Kyu?

Air Hostess: Sire woh gate ek hi attempt mai kholna hota hai.

Why did the auditor cross the road?
Because he looked in the file and that’s what they did last year.

Why did the Accountant fall off his bed?
He didn’t have a balance sheet.

CA may Allied law
Ladkiyon ki awwwwww
Dono samjh se bahar hai

how ca expres his anger

C.A Girl (vidai k waqt): Papa roiye mat, meri 1 baat dhyan se suniye, Tent wale ko, catering wale ko na contract amount pr T.D.S kat ke payment kijiyega fir challan ki copy bhijwa dijiega, return “ye” file kr denge, nominal si fee lenge aap se to.
Moral income ki koi bhi opportunity na chhodo

A Doctor and A CA. love the same girl.
Doctor gives her a red rose.
but CA. gave her apple daily,
Doctor asked why?
CA: An Apple a day keeps doctor away!
Doctor shocked CA rocked!

Once a CA got selected in Indian Cricket Team!
He raised his bat on scoring 40 runs and again on 60 runs!
Sachin tells him “It’s not a 50 or 100″.
CA says “Tumhe kya pata, ONLY a CA can understand the importance of scoring 40 and 60!!”
Sachin shocked, CA rocked!

CA ke liye math aana jaruri hai kya

Every student filling CPT form

Ye CA banne ke liye maths aana zaruri hai kya.

Father: Tumhare CA k Result ka kya

Son: Headmaster ka beta fail ho

Father: Aur tum…??

Son: Doctor ka beta Bhi fail ho

Father: Aur tumhara result kaisa

Son: Wo Wakeel Ka Beta Bhi fail
Ho gya,

Father: Kamine mai tera puch raha

Son: To Aap konse Rajnikant Ho,
Aapka Beta Bhi Fail Hai.

Ek Bridge ka Tender nikla.
Ek Madrasi ne kaha 30 lakh mein bridge bana dunga.
Authorities ne puchha kaise??
Madrasi bola:
10 lakh mere,
10 lakh ka material,
10 lakh labour ke.
CA bola:
90 lakh mein bana dunga!!
Authorities ne pucha:
Itna mahenga kyun??
CA bola:
30 lakh mere,
30 lakh aapke.
Authorities bole:
Aur bridge kaun banayega??
CA bola:
Bridge Madrasi banayega
CA got the tender.

when you tell your dad about you want to be a CA

When you tell your dad that you want to do chartered accountant course

Dad: Main tujh utne hi gehre khadde mein koodne de sakta hoon jitni mere paas rassi ho.


LOVE: Many thoughts in mind but no guts 2 express it.

CA Exam: Dying 2 express but no
thoughts in the mind!!

Once a CA and Engineer were into an argument
Engineer got angry and said to CA” I will wrap
you in thermo hydrolite and throw you with a
speed of E=mc2 (square).

CA replied for E=mc2(square), you will require
to have an atomic blast by importing Uranium
and building a nuclear reactor, in your case,
– You don’t have licence to import Uranium
– To Build nuclear reactor u need finance and
you don’t have that.
financial institution in India will provide you
– You don’t have government approval for an
atomic blast,
– by the time the notification for approval of
blast we will be dead already.
= so your threat is good to hear but practically
not feasible and not at all viable when the
provided data is taken into account.
Engineer shocked, CA Rocked…!!

reaction of CA parents

Reaction of the parents after of every CA student after 3-4 attempts.

kab khoo khoolega rey tera.

CA students ki koi ni sunta…
Jin: Hukum mere aakka!!
CA student- Mere harsubject mein 100 marks aane chahiye aur mein ICAI ka president ban jau.
Jin: aakka! hukum kro, bakwaas mat karo!!

Difference between Normal friend and CA friend
A friend normally ask to his friend : or bhai kya haal h. kya chal raha h. sab badiya h. enjoy kar raha h. koi nyi gf banai.
A CA studend ask to his friend : bhai clas aa raha h? koi amendment ayi h, ye section yad karna h? ye humare liye applicable hoga? ye kaise yad karna h? kaunsi bookk refer karu?

CA Students ko kuch aye ya na aye
par 1 chiz zarur aati hai…
Bina OFF button ke calculator OFF karke

kya karte ho

She: kia kerte ho?

Me: CA

She: Waoo !! Chartered Accountant

Me: Nai Pagli !! Complete Aram

CA Student’s True Fact:
Tadpati mohabbat ka bas itna
fasaana hai,

Girlfriend ghar pe akeli hai par,

Hume to Bank Audit pe jana hai!😢

Ye Saala CA me registeration Kab Hota Hai ??
Answer : Jab Time Kharab Chal Raha Ho Raahu,
Ketu Or Shani Ki Dasha Kharab Ho
Aapka Mangal kamjor Ho AUR
Bhagwan Bhi full Maje Lene Ke Mood mein ho

Aansu aa jate hai aankho me rone se pehle,
Har khawab tut jata hai sone se pehle,
Kya hai CA ye to samajh gaye,
Kash koi rok leta admission hone se pehle.

Upcoming horror movies in CA:
-Boss bana shaitan
-Tadapta article
-Khatarnak syllabus
-B.L. ka badla
-2nd group ki pyas
-Khooni result
-Wo aakhri attempt

attempt to murder

A CA will never be held for murder.

He will always be held for ‘attempt to murder.’


If you have Awesome Chartered Accountant – CA jokes share with us, hope you can relate with these jokes. If you need CA motivation then read our CA Motivation Quotes.

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