13 Sure Signs He Likes You But Is Hiding It

So you have been noticing a guy, but he’s giving mixed signals. It could be that he likes you too, but is scared to admit it and isn’t sure how to show it.

If this sounds like the type of guy in your life, don’t worry!

13 Sure Signs He Likes You

We’re about to help you figure out what his true feelings are with these 13 Sure Signs He Likes You But Is Hiding It.

Eyes on you

His eyes never seem to leave yours when you’re talking. When someone is interested in what another person is saying, they tend to look at their mouth. If the guy you’re interested in is always looking into your eyes, it’s a clear sign that he’s attracted to you.

Small Talk

He tries to make small talk with you whenever possible. A lot of guys will only talk to you when they want something from you or if there is a specific topic they want to discuss. If he likes you, he’ll try and talk about things that have nothing to do with him so it’s easier for the two of you to get closer.

Follows You on Social

He follows your social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook if you’re not friends already (and vice versa). It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but if he’s not following your social media accounts and you’re not following his, it’s likely because he doesn’t want you to see what he’s up to. On the other hand, if he is following your social media and you’re not following his, it means that he’s really interested in getting to know more about you.

Introducing to Family and Friends

He introduces you to his friends and family. If the guy likes you, he’ll want everyone to know about it. Introducing you to his inner circle is one of the biggest signs that he’s serious about getting to know you better.

Sharing Small details

He remembers small details about your life. Guys usually don’t care enough about someone to remember the small things, like what your favorite ice cream flavor is. If he’s always asking you about your day and seems genuinely interested in the details, it means that he likes you and wants to know more about you.

Always Teases you

He teases you but in a flirty way. A lot of guys will tease girls they’re interested in, but it’s always done in a flirty way. If he’s constantly making jokes about you and they’re always in good fun, that’s another sign that he likes you.

You are In His Future Plans

He talks about future plans with you. When someone is thinking about the future, they tend to include the people they care about in those plans. If the guy you’re interested in is always talking about future plans with you, it means that he sees a potential future with you in it.

Makes You Laugh

He’s always making an effort to make you laugh. Guys know that when a girl is laughing, she’s usually more relaxed and open to them. If the guy you’re into is always making you laugh, it’s because he wants to put you at ease around him.

Interested to Know if You are Single

He asks about your love life (or lack thereof). If the guy likes you, he’ll want to know all about your love life (or lack thereof). It might seem like an odd topic of conversation but it’s his way of trying to figure out if you’re single or not.

Always There for You

He’s always been there for you when you needed him. A guy who likes you will always be there for you, no matter what. If the guy in your life has been there for you through thick and thin, it’s because he cares about you and wants to be there for you.

Likes your People

He likes your friends and family. There are few things that say more about a person than the way they feel towards someone’s friends and family. If he likes you, he’ll like your loved ones too because it means that you chose them well!

Loves Your Style

He likes your style and asks about it. If he likes you, there’s a good chance that he’ll like the way you dress too. A lot of guys will take hints from what their crush wears because they want to impress them by wearing something similar!

Always Have something to Say

He always has something to say when you’re talking about your interests. It’s a sign that he cares and wants to get to know more about what you like so it’s easier for him to relate with you!

Too Close

He always seems to find a way to touch you. Whether it’s an accidental brush of the arm or grazing his hand against yours, if he likes you, he’ll want to physically connect with you as often as possible. This not happens with everyone though because some of the boys are too shy.

Now you know how to know if he likes you, If you find it helpful or want to share how you know if anyone likes you in the comment box below.

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