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What is Flames Love Calculator

Flames love calculator is simple calculator that gives a meaningful answer based on both partners name,

In Flames love calculator, FLAMES stands for

Friends Lover Affection Marriage Enemy Sister

It’s not like any other love calculator where you get a number or percentage, based on that number you can predict if your love is at level of lover or friendship.

To use the FLAMES calculator first you need to know how this love calculator works.

How to Calculate Flames Love

Calculating Flames Love score is easier and fun process all you need is pen and paper to calculate it, and also two names too😉.

First Step: Write down both names in capital letters in two rows like this


Second Step: Cancel out common letters in both name, do remember cancel only 1 letter for 1 letter.


Third Step: Count the total number of remaining letters in both name and get the total, In present example total count is 2+4=6


Fourth Step: Now we are on last step, total count of letters remaining is 6 so lets start the counting for left to right of FLAMES, and remove the letter on which count stops, and then start the count again from next letter remaining in FLAMES


So final answer is M, and M stands for Marriage,🙂

That’s how flames love calculator works.

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