Best Ways to Make Conversation With Anyone – Even Introverts

When you find yourself at a party or meeting where the conversation is dead, it’s not because of bad luck. It can be hard to come up with something interesting on your own- but there are plenty of ways for anyone (even introverts) who might feel like they don’t have anything worthwhile to contribute!

If all else fails and people seem bored stiff–trust me: I know how that feels too sometimes…

Starting a conversation can be very tricky, especially if you’re talking with someone that doesn’t know you. You need to get them talking about themselves or things they are interested in if it is your first meeting because then there won’t be any awkward silences and the other person may feel more at ease around YOU!

The following article will provide some tips about starting conversations which may help give everyone more options when discussing what interests them most – whether one-liners/small talk isn’t working anymore.

How to start a conversation

Best Ways to Make Conversation With Anyone - Even Introverts 1
  1. Find some common ground. Everyone has something in common, so start from there.
  2. Ask a question about something you notice or have in common.
  3. Mention a book, movie, article you recently enjoyed/ hated and why – people love to hear an opinion about things they’re interested in too.
  4. Make a comment about the situation you’re both in (the party, the date, etc.) and make it genuine.
  5. If you really like something or someone: mention it! You don’t always need to ‘play it cool’ and keep your thoughts to yourself, people love honesty, so if you’re sincere there’s no reason why it shouldn’t feel natural to share your views.

Remember that starting a conversation is not about YOU, but about THEM. This means that what YOU want to talk about should only be brought up once the other person has opened up and shared some of their own feelings. If they haven’t, you should focus on giving them ideas for conversation topics rather than bombarding them with your own experiences.

If you feel like all of this is overwhelming and you don’t know where to start – think about something that might interest the other person and ask a question about it. You can even do a bit of research into their interests beforehand if you’re planning to meet them soon.

Not everyone is a fan of small talk, which is why it’s important to have conversation starters that allow the other person to share their views on topics they care about most. If you’re having trouble finding anything to say, read further.

Choose your conversational topics

Use current events.

If you know of something that happened recently and it’s making headlines, ask the other person what they think about this news story.

Just be careful not to discuss anything too controversial like politics or religion unless it is truly relevant for your conversation with them as well as others around who may want some input into discussions regarding those subjects; especially if we don’t know each other all that well yet!

Use the listeners’ favourites.

Conversation starters are a great way to break the ice and get others talking. All of us have something that we enjoy, whether it’s a hobby or a pet- preferably both!

Mentioning your interests in conversation creates an engaging environment where you can share more with them than just small talk about what they do for work every day…

Talk about your favourites.

Best Ways to Make Conversation With Anyone - Even Introverts 2

When you are feeling enthusiastic about the things that make your life worth living, it will not take long before others want to listen in on what makes them happy.

Sometimes people need someone who can understand their pain or share an experience with them; when this happens enthusiasm might give one person enough courage to open up and talk while his friend just remains silent by patronizingly nodding her head every now again- which seems worse than saying nothing at all!

Say the other person’s name.

You’re talking with someone you just met. They say something interesting and you want to respond, but first, you have to acknowledge it. Use the other person’s name so they know you are speaking directly to them.

For example, “So Radhika, what do YOU think about that?” or “I’m really interested in YOUR opinion on this.”

It also adds a sense of intimacy and makes it easier to speak with people.

Try asking an open-ended question.

Open-ended questions make for interesting conversations. They give the other person the opportunity to speak on a more personal level, revealing their own opinions and stories. These types of questions are great because they don’t have a single answer and allow room for discussion.

Asking an open-ended question can be as simple as: “What’s your opinion on..?”

or “Why do you think that…?”

Here are a few examples of open-ended questions:

  • What was the best part about…?
  • What made them decide to…?
  • How did they feel when…?

Answer a question with a follow-up question

Sometimes when an open-ended question is asked, restating it back in a different way can be helpful.

For example:

question: “Do you think that the government should…?”

Answer with a follow-up question: “What do you think about the government not doing enough to…?”

This gives the other person an opportunity to respond with their own thoughts.

Follow-up questions are especially helpful for topics like politics and religion where people agree or disagree.

When you bring up these topics, try to focus on what the other person thinks rather than how much you agree or disagree. It’s easier for people to share their opinions when they discuss what someone else thinks.

Respond naturally

One of the best ways to make a conversation more enjoyable is with laughter. Smile and laugh when someone cracks an interesting joke or engages in witty banter, even if you don’t get it at first! Use facial expressions that show understanding as well gratitude for their humour too. It’ll leave them feeling good about themselves while also opening up lines of communication between two people who may have been strangers just moments before.

Conclusion: When you’re starting a conversation, it’s crucial to remember that everyone is different. Some people are more social than others and some have anxiety or introversion when they talk to new people.

However, after reading above mentioned ways you can get anyone interested conversation.

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