Jimmy Carter – I don’t think that the total creati…

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I don’t think that the total creation took place in six days as we now measure time. If we can confirm say the Big Bang theory that doesn’t at all cause me to question my faith that God created the Big Bang.
-Jimmy Carter


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Terry Eagleton – Dawkins considers that all faith …

Dawkins considers that all faith is blind faith and that Christian and Muslim children are brought up to believe unquestioningly. Not even the dim-witted clerics who knocked me about at grammar school thought that.
-Terry Eagleton

Robert Rodriguez – Exploitation films were famous …

Exploitation films were famous for taking an issue an exploiting it because they could move much faster than a studio could. If there was any hot topic they would run out and make a quick movie and make a buck on it by changing it around and using it in some way to give some relevance.
-Robert Rodriguez

Grant-Lee Phillips – I played with the same band f…

I played with the same band for years and years and there’s a beauty to having one solid core that you keep exploring. On the other hand it’s nice to throw yourself in different situations where you find out things about your own resources.
-Grant-Lee Phillips

Kiran Ahluwalia – I want a car that will last 10 y…

I want a car that will last 10 years or longer because I totally hate the process of researching shopping for a new car and then haggling for the price. I wish I could just snap my fingers and my car is there.
-Kiran Ahluwalia

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