Best Ice Breaker Games

Making small talk at the beginning of a meeting is awkward for most people, but it is necessary to break the ice.

There are a lot of ice breaker games out there, but not all of them will work for every situation.

Here we have compiled some of the best ice breakers that you can use in meetings to get everyone up and energized!

What’s Your Favourite 💖

One person starts as “it” and asks another person what their favourite color is. The other person then asks someone else about their favourite animal.

Pass the Ball ⚽

Pass a ball around the circle with each player catching it when it comes back to them and answering any question they’re asked by the next player who catches it. If they don’t want to answer, they can say “pass.”

Introduce Yourself 🤝

Everyone goes around introducing themselves with their name and something interesting about themselves.

That will give real view of your nature and personality, also make it easier for others to approach you.

Ask the Questions 🙋‍♂️

Everyone in the group has to think of a question they would ask if they were meeting someone for the first time. One person asks their question and the person they asked has to answer without repeating their question.

Share a Secret 🔐

Everyone in the group shares a secret, but it cannot be repeated!

If you share a secret with someone it is considered you trust them with your secret and that creates trust in friendship and relationship.

Do keep in mind share a secret if that’s not harming anyone.

Yes or No 👍👎

Ask everyone to stand up and hold hands.

Then, give them a topic to discuss with the person next to them using only yes/no questions.

It will create some fun opportunities have some good time, Here most of the fun depends how you choose what to ask.


First Eye Contact 👀

Everyone has a chance to come up with an ice breaker on the spot! Have everyone stand in a circle and go around until they find someone who makes eye contact or smiles at them – that’s their new best friend.

Charades 🤔

Everyone gets into pairs and one person thinks of an object that the other has to guess using only gestures. This game can be done with words too, but gesturing is fun!

You can make charades more interesting by adding other objects and things to guess pool like songs, any person(teacher, friend), object; anything you like.

I Like . . . 🤩

Two people start by saying “I like…” and then finish their sentence with something they both have in common

For example I like ice cream because it’s delicious!
The next person says “I like..” followed by something else they both share (ice cream).

Repeat this process until everyone goes around twice or you run out of things to say. If someone repeats what another player said before them, they’re out.

Guess What 👏

Two players sit back to back facing each others’ knees while everyone sits in a circle around them. One player describes an activity that they can do with their hands (for example, clapping or waving) and the other has to guess what it is.

I like but do you 🤔

Everyone stands in a circle holding hands. One person starts by saying “yes” followed by something else she thinks of (“I like ice cream”).

The next person says “no” if he doesn’t agree with her statement, but “yes!” if he does – the first player continues making statements until someone makes them say no three times!

This game encourages creativity as well as socializing skills.

Wrap Up

I hope these 10+ small activities games help you break ice between friends and strangers. Do share your ice breakers ❄ that works for you so others can also try it.

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